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1972 GMC TruckWhile it might surprise some people that a petite woman would own a ‘72 GMC pickup with a loping-cam, souped up engine, that is exactly the case with Tina Y.. Husband Ray, former long-time president of the Roamin Angels, has been a hot rodder since he was a teenager and owns a street rod and a custom himself, but the GMC is all Tina’s. It all started when Tina’s son owned a speed shop, selling after-market performance auto parts, and bought the GMC as a movable display for parts he stocked. He built up the 350 CID engine it had, using such a high-lift cam that he had to add a vacuum pump for the power brake booster. The truck is full of custom parts that he added in the engine compartment and interior, even down to door handles. All were parts that he stocked. When he decided to go to work for American Pastimes in Sacramento, he decided to sell the truck since he no longer needed it for advertising. Both Ray and Tina felt it would be a loss to have it go and Tina who wanted it for her own. She had her own separate membership as a Roamin Angel and wanted a classic vehicle with a radical cam of her own. Ray was happy with the idea, seeing the truck as a great vehicle for hauling lumber and taking loads to the dump. When they first bought it, he added a bed liner to do just that. But when he wanted to use if for a trash run, Tina wasn’t amenable. After all, if would dirty the truck and might even scratch it up. So Ray has hardly ever driven the GMC and the only hauling it does is when Tina unsnaps the tonneau cover to put in a load of groceries. However, Ray doesn’t mind. It’s better than having a wife who hates cars. And, after all, it’s her truck.

1972 GMC Truck-engine & interior

Tina’s short-bed pickup rides on wide Billet-style aluminum wheels. 1972 was the last year for this body style, with a boxier model introduced for 1973.

This GMC has headers, power steering and brakes and a Turbo 350 auto trans. The HEI distributor and Edelbrock carb are aftermarket.

While the interior is basically stock, the steering wheel is a Lacarra and it has an AM/FM/Cass with an under-seat power amp.

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