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Home : Scrapbook : Roamin Angel Corner Index : 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

1969 Plymounth BarracudaOften car lovers find their cars by a bit of serendipity. Such was the case for Joe W. Although he has cars like a ‘32 Hupmobile, he was looking for something that he could take on longer runs with fellow Roamin Angels. His barber of 35 years is also a fan of older American cars, but focused on Mustangs. So one day in 2008, while giving Joe a haircut, he told Joe that he heard of an older Plymouth for sale, year and make unknown, that Joe might want to check on in San Mateo. Joe called. The owner was Japanese and had difficulty with English. All he could tell Joe was that it was a Plymouth, had two doors and a V-8. Nothing about year, model or condition. Nonetheless, Joe decided to stop by when he was in the area. When he pulled up to the house and saw a ‘69 Barracuda in pristine condition, he was pleasantly surprised. The price was even more so, way below market. The owner had bought it for his daughter in 1970, while she was at UC Berkeley. After graduation, she moved to Japan and married. The owner had kept it all those years, evidently hoping for her return. Now in his eighties, he decided to sell it. Joe, being an ethical person, advised the owner of its worth and what he was willing to pay. A deal was struck at a good price. The car had 62,000 miles and, except new paint and carpet about ten years before, was completely original. Since buying it, Joe went through the engine, just to be on the safe side, and beefed it up. He also put in a new exhaust system. He just finished it and has only put on a couple hundred miles since, but now he is ready to roam with the Angels, wherever they might go. He also has no plans to change barbers.

1969 Plymounth Barracuda-engine & interior

1969 was the last year of the first model of the Barracuda. Plymouth’s “pony car” actually beat the Mustang to production, but did not achieve fame until the later Hemi Cudas ripped up the road.

Everything inside is stock, including the radio. Joe added an MP3 input for his iPod. The trans is the original Torqueflite 904 auto.

When he had the original 318 CID overhauled by a race-engine builder, he kicked it up to 314 HP and 305 lbs. torque. It has plenty of power to handle the P/S and P/B.

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