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Home : Scrapbook : Roamin Angel Corner Index : 1968 Pontiac GTO

1968 Pontiac GTOFor many years, Karen and Landon had been going to Hot August Nights in Reno. Friends who owned a Pontiac GTO (known as a Goat by afficionados) had loaned them a ‘72 Chevelle so that they could enjoy the auto-fest in a classic and that seemed a satisfactory arrangement. Until the year 2000.

While wandering around the “car corral” at Hot August Nights, they walked past a ‘68 GTO convertible. Their friend pulled them back to look at it. Landon had always had a soft spot in his heart for them from his high school days when he used to ride around town in his best friend’s new ‘64 GTO, but his first reaction was that they and Karen had no room for it. But they did have a motor home. So it was good-bye motor home and hello GTO. They are happy with the decision, especially Landon. Karen says it “made him smile again.”

The car was about 80% complete, so not much needed to be done. Paint and upholstery were in good shape, with the original 400 CID engine and an auto trans. It has power steering and power brakes, with optional discs in the front, all stock. It doesn’t have air conditioning, but who needs it with a convertible, right? Well, since they do make an annual pilgrimage back to Hot August Nights each year with their Goat, there are times of the day it would be nice. But there are more important things. Like a smile.

1968 was the first year for the “second generation” GTO, with a completely redesigned, sleeker body. The color, April Gold, is original and the rarest for that year. The optional rally wheels are original.

The engine is basically stock, with Edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor, Petronics ignition, and Hooker headers added for better performance. 1968 was the second year for the 400 CID engine in GTO’s.

Sporty bucket seats and console shifters were not common in 1968, but fit the GTO’s image. The 8-track player was an option for that year and original, but tapes are rather hard to find nowadays!

1968 Pontiac GTO engine & interior

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