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1962 Buick InvictaCar nuts always talk about finding a great car that had been left undiscovered in a barn for years, known as a “barn-find.” Terri J. found her Buick behind a barn. The barn is owned by fellow Roamin Angel Den R. and the car was purchased through Roamin Angel Duke K., so it wasn’t exactly random chance. However, when she saw it, she fell in love and had to have it. That meant a lot of work for S.O. Dusty S. The ‘62 Buick Invicta had been sitting behind the barn under an oak tree for many years and just about everything in the body, interior and electrical department had to be redone. He started by stripping out the upholstery, all the chrome and the wiring, then replaced all the lower panels from the front of the door back because of rust. Fortunately, he found a parts car for $200 that gave itself so that Terri’s Buick might live. He made new wiring looms, replaced all the hydraulics for the power top and electrics, including the windshield wiper motor. He found that, because it is a relatively rare car, parts were hard to find and expensive. Fellow Roamin Angel Richard G. helped Dusty at certain crucial moments that saved a lot in the restoration. All this time, Terri was actively involved. She went with him to check out the parts before they bought them and even went through all the cars in the Roseville Auto Mall, a claimed 7000 at that time, to find the color paint she wanted. She even sketched out the pattern on the seats, in chalk, for the upholstery for the new leather interior. In one area they did luck out because the car had only 64,000 original miles, so it needed no major overhaul of the engine and trans. It took about a year to complete. But it all worked out wonderfully and they took it on a 2200 mile trip to Coeur d’Alene, ID, with fellow Roamin Angels. The Buick performed flawlessly. Terri loves her Buick and Dusty likes it as well. But he does make sure Terri stays away from barns now.

1962 Buick Invicta Engine & Interior
The Invicta, a smaller-body Buick with the biggest engine, was known as the “banker’s hot rod.” Invicta means “invincible” in Latin.

The 401 CID “nailhead” engine was a powerful engine. The air cleaner says 455 Wildcat, which refers to the 345 lbs. of torque it produces. The car has P/S and P/B.

The interior is all leather now, not even an option in ‘62. It has an AM/FM/Cass with CD changer that was made just for Buicks of this era.

2009 © Story & photos by Ron C. - Roamin Angel Corner

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