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1956 Mercury

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1956 Mercury MontclairIt’s a “Keeper”
There’s an “old school” type of hot rodder that starts turning wrenches as a kid and never stops. Don M. is that kind of guy. As a teenager, he worked on his cars, trying to get the most horsepower and style from limited funds. Cars were often sold or traded to get one just a little better. So for one to be a “keeper,” Mercury Montclair is that car. When he found it nine years ago, it was a rat’s nest. Literally. With no windows, those rodents had made their home in the tattered upholstery. But all his years of experience made Don equal to the task. He did a frame-on restoration, including new paint and upholstery, as well as rebuilding all the mechanics including the engine. While he did not do the actual painting, he did all the prep work and the color sanding to get the deep, high-gloss finish. Although basically stock, Don could not resist mildly customizing it by removing the chrome from the hood and trunk lid, termed “nosing and decking.” To give it a bit of a rake, he lowered the front a little. The result was so nice that he has decided to sell his ‘31 Ford street rod, ‘51 Merc custom and stock ‘52 Olds and just have the ‘56 Merc. For he and his wife Sharlene, it’s a keeper.

1956 Mercury Montclair

The Montclair was the top-of-the-line Merc for 1956, with the 2DR hardtop only second to the convertible in desirability. It’s blue and white color scheme give the car a sleek, clean look. The Thunderbird 312CID engine was used by both Ford and Mercury in 1956.

Known as the “Y” block because its deep skirting made the block look like the letter Y from the front. This one has both P/S and P/B and is matched to an auto trans.

The dash is stock, and everything in it works. A/C was added below, as was common in the 50's, and a CD player rests below that.

Story & Photos by Ron C. © 2008

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