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1951 Olds Rocket 88When Don F. started looking for a classic car or street rod in 2007, he had no particular make or model in mind. He and wife Lynne F. wanted a car that they could hop into and cruise along with the Roamin Angels. Although Don is no stranger to a wrench, he did not want to take the time and money it takes to rebuild a basket case. They both wanted to get into the fun and activities the club has right away. Don knew that if you bought a “project” that you figured would take six months and six grand to redo, you might well end up taking six years and sixty grand. So when Roamin Angel Ron Oxenrider steered him toward looking at a ‘52 Olds Rocket 88 for sale by fellow Roamin Angel Don M., he checked it out. It was pretty much stock, with only things like paint, upholstery fabric and wheel covers changed. The electrical system had also been upgraded from the original 6 volt to a 12 volt one. The 303 CID engine, Hydra-Matic two-speed auto trans, and suspension were stock, but had been rebuilt by Don Marrow. Although he was not terribly enthused about the car, it filled the criteria he had established and he bought it. Since buying it, all Don has done to the car is put on dual exhaust and added an AM/FM/CD in the glove box. He and Lynne have cruised all over Northern California without any problems. The car has proved dependable and very comfortable. Although Don may someday add another car to his garage, possibly one that he lusted after in high school, he will not get rid of the Olds. Both he and Lynne love the car and enjoy the club. They have no regrets about buying the car or joining the club.

1951 Olds Rocket 88 engine & interior

The ‘52 Oldsmobile was almost unchanged from the previous year. A small chrome piece in the center of the grill is the only noticeable difference.

Chrome is synonymous with cars of the Fifties and this Olds dash is no exception. It all looks very stock, except for the fuzzy dice. Those, however, have been popular add-ons for many years.

Don’s only complaint can be seen here: no P/S or P/B. Olds was the leader in modern, high-compression V-8's, like this one. The four-barrel Quadri-Jet version was rated at 160 HP.

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