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1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe

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1948 PlymouthTrue Lies

On TV, Dr. House often says, “Everybody lies.” While hopefully this is not true, too often it is in ads. When Thane and Sheila found their ‘48 Plymouth Special Deluxe convertible that was described as a “show car” in Hemmings Motor News, it seemed perfect. After all, he was a Chrysler-product lover who wanted a Plymouth or a Dodge while she wanted a 1948 model (her birth year) and they both wanted a convertible. They even sold two other nicely-restored classic cars they owned to buy this one. When it arrived from Pittsburgh, PA, it was a disappointment. Thane even called it his biggest one. The Plymouth was a ten year- old restoration that had just sat around since then. And went to pot. Thane says that, “It wouldn’t run and it wouldn’t stop.” So he set out to change that. With the help of a friend, he cleaned out the entire “crudded up” fuel system, including the gas tank. He added an overdrive to the three-speed column-shift manual transmission, known now as “three-on-the-tree.” Then he added Fenton headers and split the exhaust to make it “dual exhaust.” Thane likes the rumble. Now the original 217.8 CID (yes, 8/10 of a cubic inch) flathead six runs smoothly as it cruises down the highway and the Atherstones love showing off their Plymouth at car shows. It has won several awards and trophies. So maybe the lies they were told about this being a show car were “true lies” after all.

1948 PlymouthThe ‘48 Plymouth was the last of the “fat fenders.” 1949 ushered in the more severe and less shapely “shoebox” Plymouths.

Story & photos by Roamin Angel Ron C. ©2007

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