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1948 JeepsterDifferent Drum

No one can ever accuse Ted C. of having pedestrian tastes. His collection of automotive gas station memorabilia is superb, as is his car club plaque array. So when he decided he wanted a convertible, getting a rare Jeepster like fellow Roamin Angels Don D. and Den R. had a certain appeal. But it had to be unique. When Den told him about one at a local yard sale, he went to see it and knew it was the right one. The owner had spent two years and a lot of money modifying the ‘48 Jeepster, but then set it aside for ten years. The price was more than right, especially considering how much had been spent on the car, so Ted bought it. The chrome had been shaved (removed and holes filled), body lines smoothed (junctions filled), tail lights and license plate frenched (recessed into the body), chopped (roofline and windshield cut lower) and lowered (body lowered on the frame).
Performance-wise, it had a Chevy 350 CID engine, a Turbo 350 auto trans and rack and pinon steering. The interior had been redone in leather. The previous owner had done things right and thecar looked good, but it had set too long and there were problems. Ted turned to fellow Roamin Angel. Lanmark Auto did upgrading and repairs to the steering and suspension, Sierra Custom Upholstery repaired the interior, including cat-claw tears in the seats, and B & F Auto Air Conditioning solved cooling problems and added much-needed heat to the interior. Now it looks and runs great. Ted says it handles like a Vette. And if you see it, you will know it is Ted’s. There is not another like it on the road.

This is not your mother’s ‘48 Jeepster. The smooth lines, chopped V’ed windshield (two-piece replaced by a custom-made single one) and hunkered stance give it a serious look.

1948 Jeepster interior & engine

Ted added heated seats, a welcome change on cold days since the side curtains were eliminated. Since the existing sound system was hopeless, Ted put in a new Panosonic CD.

This built 350 engine scoots the light-bodied Jeepster down the road very nicely. When he bought it, it barely ran due to over-carburetion (too large of a carburetor for the engine), but that has been corrected. Ceramic-coated headers help it to breathe.

Story & photos by Ron C ©2008

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