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1947 PlymouthOl’ Blue
Ol’ Blue is a good ol’ car.  Maybe it’s not the fastest, or the plushest, or the rarest, but Ol’ Blue has made Roamin Angel Larry E. very happy.  Larry wanted a long car so that, when lowered, it would look even lower than it is.  When a friend told him of a ‘47 Plymouth Deluxe 4dr sedan sitting in a barn in Oakland, he was intrigued.  What he found was an original car with those notorious rear  “suicide doors” (opening towards the front rather than the rear) that had original paint and interior.  Since buying it, he has “slightly tricked it out.”  He put in a ‘54 Chrysler flathead 264 CID in-line six, disc brakes, air-conditioning and a stereo, but made sure it looked basically stock.  He even used the original heater controls for the air conditioning and had the original radio redone so that it now is an AM/FM with a CD input.  Although it is not an “off the line” racer, Larry has taken it with wife Colleen as far as Victoria, B.C., San Bernardino, CA, Havasu, AZ, and Coeur d'Alene, ID, on tours with fellow Roamin Angels.  And Ol’ Blue has been true blue.
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