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1941 Lincoln ContinentalHot Rod Lincoln
When he was just a small boy living in Southern California, Steve Atherton’s uncle used to take Steve and his aunt to the beach in Santa Barbara in a 1941 Lincoln Continental to watch the waves come in. It is one of those memories that live on for him. Then, in 1973, his uncle offered him the car on condition that Steve not sell it as long as his uncle was still alive. Steve knew how much his uncle had cherished the Lincoln in the 23 years he had owned it and had no problem making the promise. A short eight months later his uncle passed away, but Steve knew that he would never sell the car as long as he lived. Instead he has only tried to improve the car. He has rewired it, making it twelve volt for better lighting. He repaired body rust and painted it black. Then he went to work on the power train. His uncle had previously replaced the original engine with an Olds in the 50's, so Steve decided to bring it back to a Lincoln, dropping in a ‘69 460 CID engine with a Select-Shift auto trans that gave it a definite boost in performance. Now Steve’s Continental may look stock, but under the hood is the power to make it a Hot Rod Lincoln.

Only 850 of the stately Continental coupes were made in 1941. Its name came from when Edsel Ford told the designer that he wanted a car that was “strictly continental,” i.e., with European lines.The monster ‘69 Lincoln 460 CID engine pumps out 365 HP while keeping a smooth idle.

Story by Ron C. © 2007

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