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Home : Scrapbook : Roamin Angel Corner Index : 1939 Chevy Business Coupe

1939 Chevrolet Business CoupeWhen Rick bought his ‘39 Chevy Business Coupe (no back seat) four years ago, he thought he would be satisfied with it as it was. It looked good, with a black paint job and a 283 CID Chevy engine. He had always been a GM fan and this was Chevy when many favored Fords for a ‘30's hot rod. But he soon found that he got no satisfaction from the under-powered engine nor from the paint and upholstery that were beginning to show its sixteen years of age since its restoration. So he began to redo things. Now, as Rick says, the only thing the same as when he bought it is the license plate. And even that has been “frenched” into the body by Lee’s Metal Works. Rick did the mechanics, dropping in a 383 CID small block Chevy mated to a 700r auto trans with overdrive.

He put a Mustang II front suspension with power disc brakes under the Chevy and replaced the rear end with a Ford 8" one. The exhaust was completely redone by Sierra Muffler. He had it ”nosed” (removed the hood chrome), painted Viper red and lowered.B & F Auto Air added air conditioning. Although he has not quite finished, still needing to complete the carpet and trick out the trunk interior, he and wife Margie have already started taking it on runs with fellow Roamin Angels. In fact, he plans to take it with them on a run this November down the coast of California. By then it should be completed. Maybe then he will get satisfaction.

The bumpers were removed on Rick’s Chevy and holes filled. The two-piece windshield was replaced with a “V-bent” one-piece one. The wheels are 60's era American mags.

To get more oomph, Rick used a 383 CID “stroker” engine that has a bigger bore, a longer piston stroke (stroked), more horsepower and much more torque than the 283 CID it had when he bought it.

The interior is custom gray leather and tweed with VDO gauges and a tilt steering column. Sound comes from a Pioneer AM/FM/CD.

1939 Chevy Business Coupe

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