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1939 Buick Super CoupeRuss and Dee are no strangers to Buicks. They have a completely stock ‘51 Buick Model 52 Super Riviera. But Dee wanted something less stock, with more power and comfort. After all, the ‘51 did not have air conditioning and was missing some of the luxuries we now take for granted, like good, power braking. As their son said of the ‘51, “You have to think before you stop.” True, they could have gone through the car they had and modernized it, but Russ liked it stock and really had no desire to start such a long, arduous process. Besides, Dee really liked coupes, which the ‘51 was not. So when they found one in the Bay area on Craig’s List, they decided to check it out. It was a ‘39 Buick Super Coupe with a 350 CID Chevy engine mated to a Powerglide auto trans. It had a Camaro front suspension and a Chevy S10 pickup differential. With power steering, brakes and seats, air conditioning and even cruise control, it had the modern comforts they wanted. They took it for a test drive. Then, as Russ describes it, “The chief financial officer said, ‘We’ve got to do that.”’ And they did. Russ is as pleased as Dee with the purchase. Although he has always liked “hot” cars, he could never afford one as a teenager. Now this new Buick fulfills that thirst. As wife Dee says, “At least now you can keep up.” And that’s the plan: take it on long cruises with the Roamin Angels. They have no plan to get rid of the ‘51. It will stay stock and be used for shorter cruising. After all, you can never have too many Buicks. At least that’s what Dee & Russ seem to think.

1939 Buick Super Coupe-engine & interior

Although the body has not been greatly altered, the chrome was shaved and the doors open by electric solenoids. It rides on American Racing wheels. The small-block Chevy nestles in the engine compartment with little extra room. It provides enough power to move the Buick down the road at a decent clip and still power all the extras for comfort. The Buick’s interior was updated with a tilt steering column, VDO gauges and a Kenwood AM/FM/CD that makes is much nicer on long trips than stock.

2009©Ron Cherry

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