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1936 Ford RoadsterSometimes making a “quick turn” with a car has nothing to do with driving. It also means buying one with the expectation of reselling it quickly for a profit. That is exactly what Joe S. planned to do when he bought his ‘36 Ford Standard Coupe at a swap meet in Turlock. And that’s what he told his wife. The car had been rodded in 1954, then redone in the 70's in the style of the disco era. That meant metallic blue paint with white-painted running boards, which were beginning to peel. The interior was done in white with a faux-fur headliner. But it had been sitting in a barn for twenty-five years, probably alongside a suitcase of leisure suits and wide-collared polyester shirts. But beneath the faded glitz, Joe saw the potential for a better rod. It had a good-running 265 CID Chevy engine. The body was sound and rust-free. It had the original ‘36 rear end with hydraulic brakes. Joe decided he could easily update it and sell it for a tidy profit. After redoing the paint in “rat rod” primer black and adding some flames around the wheel well, he redid the interior in black as well, but omitted the faux fur. He changes the wheels to more stock-looking ones, redid the brakes and all the wiring, and changed the tranny to one from a ‘39 Ford. To give it a better rake, he changed the front axle to a dropped one. Inside, he has kept the gauges stock as well as the original crank-out windshield and the no heater-no radio style that is popular with the rat rod crowd. They feel that this style is more like the hot rods of the late ‘40's and early ‘50's when hot rodding was first born. He got this all done in a few months and was ready to sell it at the big annual Roamin Angels “Cruisin’ the Pines” Car Show which takes place the second weekend of September each year at the fairgrounds. Unfortunately, he had fallen in love with the Ford coupe by then. Still, he had promised that he would sell it, so he made the “for sale” sign and was ready to go. Then wife Maryann asked him if he wouldn’t rather keep it. After about a millisecond’s hesitation, he agreed that he would. And the rest is history. Joe and Maryann take their ‘36 Ford cruising mainly in the local area, venturing only as far as car shows in Sacramento. But they both enjoy the car greatly. And the only quick turns it makes now are right or left ones.

1936 Ford Roadster

This 5-window (you don’t count the windshield) Standard coupe was the stripped-down model for 1936 with one wiper, one sun visor and one taillight. Joe has added a second taillight for safety.

This engine is from a ‘55 Chevy, the first year for their venerable small-blockV-8, and is the high-performance Power-pack version that came with a four-barrel carb and dual exhaust.

The interior is pretty much as it would have looked in 1936. Joe has added a few necessary gauges under the dash and a turn signal switch, but kept its original utilitarianism.

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