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1932 Ford RoadsterThere’s something about the cars of one’s youth that has a special place in a person’s heart, especially for a Roamin Angel. Whether it was a muscle car, Corvette, a T-Bird, a Ford street rod or whatever, it is that first memory of the thrill of having that first “cool car” that often leads someone to buy one like it when no longer young. And that is true for Jerry B. Although he already owned a ‘55 T-Bird and a ‘68 Mustang, he wanted a Ford roadster like the ‘31 Ford street rod he owned as a teenager. Almost three years ago, he went to the Deuce Day in Calistoga and found what he was looking for. Like the ‘31 Ford he had as a teenager, the ‘32 roadster he found was a highboy (no fenders and sitting atop the original frame). Instead of the ‘48 flathead Merc engine with three deuces (two-barrel carbs) in his ‘31, this Ford had a Chevy 327 CID mill. It was in good mechanically shape, with a Turbo 350 auto trans and a Ford nine-inch rearend. The interior was in pretty good condition as well, with extras like a wood dash with VDO gauges and an Ididit tilt column. The wind wings and rear window had beautifully etched glass, which was an definite plus. It also had power front disc brakes, but not much in the way of luxuries like power steering and air conditioning or even a heater or radio. However it was a decent price and close enough to the one he had years before to satisfy Jerry. For Roamin Angels like Jerry, part of owning a car is tinkering with and improving it. Since he bought the ‘32, Jerry has done some improvements. He has added a hood that was louvered by Lee’s Metalworks and had an electric trunk lift installed by Lanmark Auto. Having owned three cars with three-deuce carburetion, he added that to the ‘32, while opting to add fenders and drop the front axle on this roadster, while keeping the buggy-spring front suspension. He changed the wheels to chrome wire ones and went to an electric fan for cooling the engine. He has also redone some of the upholstery and paint. He now takes his roadster all around NorCal, including trips to the coast and to the annual Deuce Day shows. It has become his favorite car to drive. After all, when he drives it, it’s like once again being in his favorite car from the good old days.

1932 Ford Roadster

Jerry’s ‘32 is a true roadster, with no side windows. That makes it a fair-weather car, especially with no heater.

While not full of options, the interior of this ‘32 has a clean, classy look, right down to the Recaro banjo-type steering wheel.

Nothing says old-school hot rod like three deuces for carberation. While a challenge to synchronize, they look and sound great.

Ron Cherry © 2010

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