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1932 Ford RoadsterDiamond Jubilee

Seventy-five years ago, Henry Ford brought out his famous flathead V-8 engine. It was the first Ford with more than four cylinders since 1908 and was a winner. It’s light weight and V-8 engine made it perfect for “souping up” and made it an enduring automotive legend among those into fast cars. Being a hot rodder since youth, Dick T. had always wanted one that was restored as a traditional “hot rod” and found his heart’s desire in Upland, CA, in January of this year. He drove it home on the coldest day of the year with no heater and no radio, followed by wife Dottie in a car with both heat and music. But he didn’t complain. If this ‘32 wasn’t perfect, it was dang close.

1932 Ford Roadster engine and interiorThis roadster had a Ford 302 CID engine with 351 heads. The Tremac five-speed trans could easily move it down the highway at 80 mph all day long (not that Dick has ever exceeded the speed limit himself). A Halibrand quick–change rear end delivered power to the Halibrand aluminum wheels. It was lowered, with a dropped axle and the top was chopped four inches. Not only that, it had only 933 miles on the odometer since it was restored. And since he and fellow Roamin Angels will be honoring the ‘32 Ford at their car show on September 8 & 9 for its Diamond Jubilee, it was the perfect year to buy it. Look for it there.

Side Note:
This ‘32 Ford roadster is painted a 1984 Chrysler crimson red. It is dropped 4" in the front with a Superbell axle using ‘59 Buick finned drums. The hood has 340 louvers. Dick counted them. A Sid Shaver’s Bop Top covers the driver and passenger.

Story and photos by Roamin Angel Ron C. ©2007

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