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Home : Scrapbook : Roamin Angel Corner Index : 1931 Ford Roadster

1931 Ford RoadsterRoadsters are popular with hot rodders, at least the male ones. Pre-war Fords with a hot engine are especially favored. Their main problem is that often the wives do not like them. With no windows or top, they are loud and windy. In hot weather, they can be very uncomfortable in stop-and-go traffic and they normally ride rough. So when Sam went looking for a street rod in 2000 and heard about a ‘31 Ford roadster that Roamin Angel Lanny N. had for sale, he mentally wrote it off because he did not think wife Loretta would want it. In their 52 years of marriage, Sam has had some hot rods and Loretta didn’t mind them, but they never had a roadster. But a friend emailed some pictures anyway and Loretta saw them first. When Sam got home, she asked him about it, telling him that she liked it. So they went to take the roadster for a test drive. They also heard about the Roamin Angels. They bought into both. With an all-steel body on a TCI frame, the Ford has a cammed Ford 302 CID engine matched to a C4 auto trans that drives a Ford 8" rear end. The interior has a tilt wheel, an AM/FM/Cassette and VDO gauges. Although Sam built rods in his youth, he has not had a lot to do on this Ford. He has put on a Super Bell chrome front end with disc brakes and modified the gas tank filler neck, but the roadster has not really needed anything else. Sam and Loretta take it on runs with the Roamin Angels and to car events all over the local area. The true test of this Ford’s quality is that Lanny became a friend, something that often does not happen after a car purchase. And Sam and Loretta’s romance with their roadster, like their own romance, is here to stay.

1931 Ford Roadster- engine & interior

This light-bodied rod weighs in at a mere 2240 lbs. The radiator shell is for a ‘32 Ford.

The small-block Ford engine fills the compartment. With no energy-dragging extras like P/S, P/B or A/C, it provides plenty of power for the light-weight roadster.

The interior is clean and neat. Minimalism is the theme. The red leather seat is comfortable for short runs.

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