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1930 Ford Model A

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1930n Ford Model AChry-Ford-Let

Chry-Ford-Let is the name Bob M. (aka S.O.B) gave his ‘30 Ford Model A hot rod coupe because, like so many old-school rodders, he used parts from various car manufacturers in creating his street rod: Chrylser, Ford and Chevrolet. And this Model A traces the history of hot rodding while never leaving Bob’s family. When his father bought it in 1939, it had low mileage and was completely stock. It was the car in which Bob learned how to drive in 1953. His father gave it to him and he drove it to high school, selling it in 1955. But he bought it back in 1958, after he and Nola were married. It was still stock then. This changed when the engine went bad and he dropped in a 265 CID V8 Chevy with a four-speed trans. Bob liked the extra power, so the die was cast and the Model A never was stock again. The next step in the Ford’s hot-rod evolution was when Bob put in Corviar front suspension in 1963. But he still wasn’t satisfied. He decided to make it into a killer street rod. And being a big Mopar fan, he wanted a big Mopar motor. So he dropped in a ‘63 Chrysler 413 CID mill, mated to a Torqueflite auto trans, to drive a Ford nine-inch rear end. A few years later he added front disc brakes from a Chevelle. Finally he built a custom frame with rack and pinion steering and a Hildebrand quick-change rear end. He replaced the top of the Ford with one from a Camaro and used the dash from a ‘56 Vette. The interior also sports Pontiac Fiero seats and an overhead console that he designed and made himself. Since then, Bob and Nola have cruised all over California and into Nevada in their awesome and unique Chry-Ford-Let and loved every minute.

1930 Model AWith wide LT315/55-R16 tires in the back, this Model A has plenty of meat on the ground for its big-block engine. But it not only has muscle, but also comfort, with P/B, P/W and A/C. Even the rumble seat and gas door are electrically opened.

Shown during construction, this Chrysler engine is rated at 390 HP with 490 Ft-Lbs of torque! The unique cross-ram induction intake manifold was stock, although Bob had it polished to a bright luster.

©2008 Story by Ron Cherry

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