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Home : Scrapbook : Roamin Angel Corner Index : 1929 Ford Model A Tudor

1929 Ford Model A TudorIt was thirty-one years ago now that Larry R. bought his ‘29 Ford Model A Tudor (two-door sedan). He’s long been a Model A fan, his first car being a ‘31, and is a member of the Model A club. In 1979, a fellow member was selling the ‘29 for a very low price. It probably had to do with the fact that it was what is known as a “basket case,” or completely torn apart. Still, Larry is an old hand with Model A’s, so he bought it. That was the first lap. Initially, he was going to restore it stock, but then decided to make it a street rod. He went so far as to box the frame and put in a Corvair front suspension. But hot rodding evolved over the years, so midstream he updated things a bit. He went for a TCI tube frame with a Vega front suspension and nine-inch Ford rear end with four-bar suspension, riding on “coil-overs,” or coil springs over the shocks. He installed power brakes with front discs for stopping. For the engine, he rebuilt a 289 CID Ford engine and matched it to a Ford C-4 auto trans. He dropped the body on the chassis, but did not get it running or do the electrical before some medical issues intervened. So the car sat. And sat. Although Larry would periodically turn the engine over to make sure it hadn’t seized, he never fired it up. That was the second lap. Last year fellow Roamin Angels (and Buzzards, for those of you who follow this column) Bob Duncan and Bill Brothen agreed to help Larry’s Model A to finish the race. So they hauled the car over to their place and set to work. But how would the Ford small block that had not been started in twenty-eight years do when it was finally fired up? Fantastic. It ran perfectly and didn’t leak or burn oil. Obviously, the rebuild had been done right. They finished hooking everything up and did all the wiring. In the interior, they kept the original instrument cluster, but with updated, modern gauges. For sounds, Larry opted for an AM/FM/CD player. And that is the third lap. So now Larry’s ‘29 is streetable. Yes, there are things to do, but at least he can enjoy it as it is. And wife Teri likes riding in their old cars, even if she doesn’t drive them. Larry says she really couldn’t even if she wanted to, since the seat is set for his over six-five frame and she measures in at five-one. But now the ‘29 is ready for the fourth lap, which is mainly cosmetic. Larry plans to paint it a satin black that is reminiscent of the primered rods of the ‘Fifties. He has not decided on what to do about carpeting and upholstering yet. But all that is now in the foreseeable future. Then he and Teri can take their Model A on a victory lap.

1929 Ford Model A Tudor

While it still needs paint, Larry’s ‘29 looks pretty good. He used a Chevy Nomad roof to replace the wood-framed cloth top. He retained the original gas tank position with the filler in front of the windshield.

The engine compartment is finished: neat, clean and efficient, with a fine-running 289. The interior still needs upholstery and carpet, but the insulation is in.

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