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1927 Ford RoadsterWhy do Roamin Angels want the classic cars and street rods they drive? While you might get a number of answers to that question from different members, Ken D. states his reason very succinctly: nostalgia. He says it is nostalgia for the sounds, smells and sensations of the cars of his youth. And his ‘27 Ford roadster hot rod fills the bill. With a souped-up 305 CID Chevy engine with headers and side pipes, there are the sounds of the loping-cam engine and the rumble of exhaust. The open body, with no windows or top, lets the smells of the highway and even the restaurants along the road freely float by. Then there are the sensations of a light-bodied car pushed along by a 350 HP mill mated to a Turbo 350 trans and a Ford nine-inch rear end with coil-over-shock suspension. The custom-built chassis, Vega steering and Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes keep it straight and stop it well. Although Ken’s rod may not be the prettiest on the planet, it is quick, agile and of an old hot rod tradition: build it yourself. That’s what Ken did. He put the car together from scratch. Like others in a group with the Roamin Angels who term themselves the Buzzards, Ken is a “hands on” guy who enjoys turning the wrench himself. As Ken says, if you wanted a hot car in the days before the GTO, “you couldn’t buy it: you had to build it.” It took him a couple of years to do just that, finishing it just in time for the September 2003 Roamin Angels “Cruisin’ the Pines” Car Show. Although there are still things Ken plans to do, like a paint job with flames, his rod is on the road and a blast to drive. Ken only drives locally and wife Donna is selective about when she rides in it, like for ice cream runs. And when he cruises through town, Ken fondly remembers the sounds, smells and sensations of his youth. And that’s nostalgia.

1927 Ford Roadster-interior & engine

It all started in 1957 at the L.A. County Fair, when Ken saw Big Daddy Roth drawing hot rods next to the Kookie T-bucket roadster from “77 Sunset Strip.” Now he has his own rod, one that he built.

Built by the noted Joe Sherman Racing of Santa Ana, CA, this powerhouse has Keith Black pistons, a radical Isky cam and a Holley carb. It puts out well over the magical “one HP per cubic inch.”

The “crazy quilt” seat covering hearkens back to early rod rod days. The quilt is dated from 1908. Luxury is non-existent, but the Auto Meter gauges accurately monitor the engine.

2009 © Ron Cherry

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