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Tom's 23 Dodge Bros 'tub'If you’re a car “nut,” you will know that a “tub” isn’t just someplace to soak yourself, but a touring car that is made into a street rod.  Tom T., Roamin Angels’ car show co-chair for three years running('05-'07), is the proud owner of this lime-green ‘23 Dodge Brothers “tub.”

Ever since high school (we won’t say how long ago), he had wanted one and built this one from a rusted hulk to its present beauty.  With help from Roamin Angels who own Lee’s Metalworks, B&F Air Conditioning, and C&L Machine, he was able to transform a wreck into a dream machine.  It’s powered by a modern 318 Dodge engine, with an auto transmission and Chevy rear end.  It has no top, so this is definitely a fair-weather cruiser and you’ll see Tom out driving on many sunny days.  The main thing is that Tom did the planning and much of the work himself, including the painting.  There is a term for people who do their own work: gearheads.  It’s a compliment.  While all Roamin Angels are not “gearheads,” a number are and help those who are not.  It’s people like Tom that keep the car hobby healthy.

Tom's 23 Dodge Bros 'tub'

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