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March 2018

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Election results made to place all Board Members in their new positions. The line-up is as follows:
EVENTS – Shelley P.

Terry - President President's message

I would like to thank the members for giving me the honor to serve as the President of this wonderful club. The Roamin Angels is a great group of very fine people who not only share the love of cars but have great camaraderie and are also a major asset to the community.

In the very short time that I’ve held this position I have learned how much work Terry Edwards and the previous presidents have put in to serve their club. From the club’s humble beginnings in 1962 when a group of high school kids hoped to have a drag strip to improve safety on the roads and then decided to assist stranded motorists to gain notoriety and favor with the town government – hence the name Roamin Angels. Although a drag strip never happened, the club has continued to assist the community in so many ways including scholarships, driver safety programs, assisting auto shops at local schools, Christmas toys for underprivileged children and much more. The club has organized many cruises for the members to tour with their cars including an upcoming Moab, Utah run. This new year, the club has a second Survive the Drive safety course; established a committee to reevaluating the car show; planning for another Toy Drive; more car trips; breakfast at Penny’s with side trips to interesting places immediately after breakfast; the Geezer Picnic honoring our over 70 year old club members; not to mention Potluck Game Nights, Pizza nights, the big car show and so much more. The work of all the members to make all these things possible is outstanding. Our members make this club so great. Again, it is a great honor to be the president of this club. I hope that I can be at least as valuable to the club as the previous presidents Lanny Netz, Ray Yedding, Ron Cherry, and Terry Edwards have been.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the retiring board members Terry Edwards, David Brown and Winnie Vierra for their long and loyal service. I want to welcome Ron Carmichael and Bill Bowman to the board. Many thanks to Karin Robinson, Nikki Granholm, Dee Ann Bellows, Shelley Penrose, Pat Gruwell, and Jim Geach who have served on the board in some cases for many years. Kudos go to Diane Blakley for producing the newsletter and being our Webmaster. Mike Hauser has gone above the call of duty in co-chairing the car show along with David Brown, organizing the Penny’s Friday morning breakfasts, Survive the Drive program and so many other events. Thanks to our newer members Dave and Barbara Giguere for heading up the club’s Autorama booth this month and Randy Kirkham, for taking on hauling and coordinating the engine raffle this year.

So many club members help in so many ways that there is just not enough room to mention everyone. From barbecuing hundreds of pounds of tri-tip to marking the car spaces at the show, selling Tee shirts, displaying art, coordinating toy drive distribution, to providing security, selling engine raffle tickets, etc, etc. Thanks to all of you who make our club so special and me to be so proud to be a member. Lets have a wonderful 2018 for our club!

– Jim Richards

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