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May 2018

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Storage Move Completed – Thank You Team!

The move to the new storage was a team effort. I would like to thank the following people: Ken B., Fred D., Danny G. and John P., without their hard work this move would not have happened. Also a big thank you to the Roamin Angels board for 100 percent approval.
Thanks You,
Bill B., Facilities

Downtown Grass Valley Car Show
Saturday, May 5, 2018 • 10am to 3pm

Engine Raffle:
Can you believe it is May already! And the Grass Valley Downtown car show here again this Saturday, May 5th. I will be transporting and setting up the Raffle Trailer for the event. It will be in the usual location on the corner of East Main and Auburn next to the police parking lot where all the food vendors are set up! So, I would like to make a request for volunteers to sell tickets.

We need 2 or more at a time and if you could donate an hour (or more!) that would be great. We will start selling at 7:00am. The show ends around 3:00. I will be manning the first 2 hours and then as needed and the last stint before loading up.

Please let me know if you can help and with an approximate time and for how long. Once I get some ‘victims’ I will create a schedule… Also, the weather looks very favorable as well!

Randy K.

Parking Cars for the Downtown Show:

We need more people to help us park cars. (free t-shirt if you help park cars) Be there at 6:00 a.m. 

If you have not registered your car for the show, we can do that the day of show.  Brings club radios.  Weather looks good. 1975 & older Domestic-Import-Hot Rods-Rat Rods-Classic Vehicles-Motorcycles

Any questions –
Call John K.

Terry - President President's message

This is such a beautiful time of the year with a plethora of spring flowering plants that inspire us to great things. This year being no exception we are diligently working on our magnificent car show and a number of other great events. The Survive the Drive II is a real service to the community as are the Scholarships we give to very deserving students. As time goes by many young people are worried about their future and place in the ever changing global marketplace. The trades are an admirable occupation and can and often are financially rewarding and give people a lifelong occupation. Our club may have a small part in the nationwide renaissance of the trades however I think we are in the vanguard.

The club provides a lot of fun for our members including things like game night and Danny and Nikki’s mysterious road trip, Friday breakfast, Wednesday Pizza, the Big A burger days and the Meadow Vista Car show. So come out, polish the car, and enjoy. Take advantage of the clubs activities.
We owe a heap of thanks for all the members who work so had to make this club run. Come out to the car show meetings as we need your ideas and help.

Now that the weather is nice we can fix all those things that the cold of winter has made us put off. Get those engines fine tuned and all the details worked out. Getting your hands dirty is part of the fun of old cars. Have a great May and drive!

– Jim R.

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