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Car Show & Beyond

Commentary by Mike H.

By the time you read this we will be within hours of the start of another “Cruisin the Pines” car show. …..Lights! Camera! Action!

Your assignment over car show weekend? Make sure you make it around to see all the activities and displays.

Opening Ceremonies honoring our County’s volunteer organizations and people. Both Lion’s Club and the Red Cross are having their 100th anniversaries. Come cheer on Rotary, Hospice, Sammie’s Friends, United Way, Food Bank and Meals on Wheels to name just a few. Wave an American Flag and sing along with the Choirs and singing performers. Be at the flag pole and ready by 9am, Saturday morning.

Visit with the good folks at Impact Teen Drivers and see their efforts at countering distracted driving particularly amongst our teens. (Riebes Main display area.)

The BIG Raffle.

Boy oh Boy! is there a bunch of good stuff to bid on this year. See what first time Director Sue C. and her crew have come up with for 2017.

After you’ve spent the wad on the Big Raffle, win it and more back on Clare’s 50/50. It’s preloaded with $500 big ones and that will grow. Last year’s winner was a club member!

The Art building and art show.

Ever seen the art show in the Sugar Pine Lodge? Check out the art, talk with Sue B and see if you recognize any of the artists. Brother Pat and I will have something entered again this year. Not too late for you!

Artisans show.

The Northern Mines building is completely sold out and filled with 27 some vendors. Probably something in that building that you just can’t do without.

New Technology

Just heard that VW is bringing back the 12 window bus…as an electric vehicle! (not a joke) Check out the current Hybrid and electric vehicle technology in the main building.

Main Building and Other Highlights

Also in the main building, a unique Crosley Motorcycle. It’s the engine that’s the story.

While you’re in the main building spend some time with the Club’s memorabilia. Got some time? Help Tony Baloney and Junior assistants Ron C., Ray Y. and Lanny N. talk about the content and help pump up the Club.

The Sonoma Girls will be back promoting a certain Nevada County resident and his efforts to win the 2017 Indy Car Championship. Check ‘em out in the Riebes main display area. Looky…but no touchy…..

Vintage trailers in Mayor Barden’s camper land.

Look for Faith Granger and the Deuce of Spades in the Riebes main area. See the extended article in this month’s news for background.

On Sunday it’s the Young Gear Heads and their cars.

Saturday morning before the Opening ceremonies grab a championship breakfast in Ponderosa Hall brought to you by the Nevada County Food Bank. All fresh… All good for just $8

Sunday morning the Scouts bring you EXCELLENT donuts from your favorite Saturday morning Donuts and Cars venue…”Daily Donuts”. Don’t forget troop 855’s flag retirements on Saturday evening just about dusk. Roughly 600 American Flags retired as they so well deserve to be…properly with love and honor.

Most important assignment?

Say thanks to all the people that come to support the Roamin Angels and our “Cruisin the Pines” Car event. No, THE most important assignment is to have fun & enjoy the show.


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