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Joint General Meeting / Car Show Meeting and Club Picnic photos

Joint General Meeting / Car Show Meeting and Club Picnic

Commentary by Diane B.
Photos by Susan B. and Diane B.

For the past few years, the general meeting and final car show meeting have been held at Condon Park along with a club picnic. It's generally a well attended event. Sandwiches and side salads were provided.

The big announcement was from our club president, Terry E. He and his wife, Kathy, are moving to Tennessee. It was a difficult decision for them but as of this printing, the two have sold their home and are traveling back East. At this point, Terry will continue as president (via Skype and they will be here for the car show) but there will be an election held to vote for a new club president before too long.

Nikki G. handed out a review of the club finances. She asked that if anyone has any questions, to just let her know and she will be happy to go over any area in question.

Mike H., the co-chairperson for the car show, spoke about the current status of this years car show coming up September 8, 9,and 10. The various chairpersons also gave status reports including Wally K. (show advertising), Gary B. (trophies and sponsorships - photo above is Sophia H. showing off the prototype of the car show trophy), Ron C. and Michael R. (security) and Sue C. - who recently accepted the daunting task of the Big Raffle.

During Sue C.'s announcements, she suggested that if all the club members could donate either money, a gift certificate or a new gift item worth at least $25, the big raffle would easily be successful. Sue is working with Paula B. and a few other club gals to put raffle baskets together. Do you want to help out or donate? Contact Sue C.

With the car show just weeks away, there are still areas that need help. Contact Mike H. or David . to see who requires assistance. They're in the Roster!

Roamin Angels Car Show is September 8, 9, & 10, 2017 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.


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