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Reiff's Gas Station
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Reiffs Gas Station

Sun. Aug. 23, 2009, we drove to Woodland in our Packard to join the Nor Cal Packard Club. Our destination was Reiff's Gas Station and Museum. What a surprise! Our directions were very clear, but when we were in a residental neighborhood, we thought we must be on the wrong street. At the end of this very narrow street we saw Packards, on the right and left, we knew we were at the correct address. Mark, the owner, motioned us into the front of the gas station. This place is unbelievable! He started nine years ago, when he bought his first gas pump at a yard sale, and his small garage, house and yard has grown to a fascinating place. He lives in his antique store and you have to see it to believe it. In 2010 Ken and I would like to host a tour to this most interesting place, and entertaining host.

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Story & photos by Sylvia C.

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