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Vets Stand Down photos

Veterans Stand Down

Commentary by Diane B. • Photos by Pat G.

The Veterans Stand Down was held on October 6 and 7 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Organized by Roamin Angel Melise M. through the VA, club members volunteered to register Vets.

The Stand Down was set up to showcase the services available to veterans as well as the organizations who provided assistance for everything from medical to job assistance to clothing and vouchers for eye glasses and exams. It was humbling to speak to some of the veterans as we were registering them. Some of the Vets I registered still suffered from PTS (I learned that they are dropping the "D" to help alter the stigma that comes with 'disorder'. The vets that were homeless were given preferential treatment as they tended to 'fall through the cracks'.

All of the vets were very appreciative of this function and for the recognition of their service.

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