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Car Show & Beyond

Commentary by Mike H.

I drove into work Monday morning the 9th having no clue there were fires raging in Nevada County. It wasn’t till I approached the K Mart area freeway ramp that I could see smoke. IHOP’s parking lot and all the others in the area were jammed with cars. What the heck was going on??

The story soon unfolded. There were some close calls among the members. Amazingly everyone came out safe… although maybe a little… ummm? Tense?… as the week unfolded. Thank you First responders!
Hosting our first responders at breakfast had been in the works for several weeks. The mostly PD’s were extremely grateful when we did the same in late 2016. Reason enough to do it again this year.

So mark your calendar for Friday November 3rd when we begin our “thank you” breakfasts. This year we’ll start out with the Grass Valley Fire Dept as our guests. November 10th will be the Consolidated Fire Dept, the CHP November 17th and the GVPD December 8th. Stay tuned for additions to the schedule.

I had hoped that there was one project or goal that all the first responder units supported that we too could support as a thank you. Turns out that a simple Teddy Bear was one tool they all had used as a professional. I’m told that for some the circumstances of calming down a child after a trauma is a difficult and very emotional experience. Each unit usually carries a sealed Bear in the vehicle as an aid. Currently The GVPD is down to one Bear.

Come on by for breakfast, say hi and thanks to our guests and if you can see fit to donate a Bear, it will go to good use. Keep it small (under 10” or so), keep it simple, make it cute. Remember, what goes round, comes round.

On the car show front….happily you get most of the Directors returning for the 2018 version of “Cruisin the Pines”. I’ve volunteered once again as well. The vision is the same as the past few years, host the best car event in Northern California. Thanks to Don and Gloria for taking care of vendors the last couple of years. Thanks to Tex for partnering as the other half of the Tex and Mex show.

The important news is we will hold a series of “think tank” meetings soon to think about 2019. Yes, that’s 2019. Why 2019? Because if we change anything we need to make sure it’s done right. That extra time gives us, extra time. What should we change? What activities do we want or need to drop? What should we add? Modify? What has to be done to produce the same quality of event while reducing the work load?

We’ve assembled a small group of members to focus in on these questions and more. All have been or are Directors of the key show operations. We’ll consider everything, report back to the entire group of Directors, finalize a plan then make recommendations to the Board. Should be something for the general membership to look at mid 2018. Stay tuned.

While you’re considering how to contribute in 2018 think about being the “Engine” person. It’s a critical component of the Club’s fund raising and an important partner is making “Cruisin the Pines” a success.


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