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The Roamin Angels Engine Raffle The Nevada County Arts Council recently held a town hall public meeting seeking input on promoting the art of Nevada County. One of the thoughts was to establish a month long “Fall Arts Festival” to promote the County and generate tourism.

We need to make sure we are a substantial part of that festival. Here’s my input to the Council and Town of Grass Valley….“I’ve got my Roamin Angels hat on responding to the Arts Council’s meeting and the Mayor’s discussions about being all inclusive. I’m championing the place of classic vehicles in these discussions covering art and Fall activities.

Julie Baker spoke of a Fall Months long Arts Festival. I’d like to point out that for close to 20 years now the Fall has been kicked off with a Car Arts festival in the display of 700 + classic vehicles. These vehicles represent not only the technology of the time but the best use of design of the time. They are an Art form unto themselves.

This “Festival” is usually attended by close to 4000 people. Certainly one of the top draws in the long list of activities the County and local communities stage & promote. It’s probably the only activity that actively encourages our guests to visit local merchants by providing free transportation from our Fairgrounds venue to their storefront.

Since we recognize the classics as art, we also stage an art show within the car show. Hood ornaments, old marketing material, renderings in watercolor or oil and sculptures.

We draw visitors from the around the Globe. Car collectors from New Zealand, Finland and Canada. Actors and activists  from Mexico and Cuba. Our latest numbers show guests of all ages from 37 California counties, 5 other States and visitors from across both oceans.

You want Nevada County, Grass Valley, Nevada City and the likes to be known Worldwide? You need to include us and our assets in any broad planning for Fall activities.”

Thanks so much,
Mike H., Cruisin’ the Pines Car Show

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