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The Roamin Angels Engine Raffle Hello again ‘Romans and Angels’! Well, Autorama 2018 is in the books and overall I think it was pretty successful. This was my first experience with taking care of the engine raffle trailer. We drove down with Dave and Barbara G. and Ricky T. on Wednesday and got setup. First, I really want to compliment all the members that were part of designing, fabricating, building and rebuilding the raffle trailer over the years. Obviously I have seen it before but this was my first up close and personal experience in setting it up. It is really well done and thought out, I was impressed! All should be proud!

I’ll be honest, I had some trouble recruting helpers to sell tickets… However, many did step up, some doing multiple shifts. I hate to name names because I may miss someone but I will anyway. It was great for me as I am new and I have not met some of these quality folks so our conversations were super fun! Plus, we were right across from the beer vendor! Special thanks to Lew and Debra D. for covering the late shift on Friday as I had to leave early for a preplanned event back home. Bill Bowman also helped out. Lew also volunteered to drive down with me Sunday but as you probably know, we had a major cell and internet outage, so I couldn’t contact him. Saturday was our biggest sales day and our super Angel, Mike Hauser, stepped up as always, as well as Steve B., John & Linda P., Marc V. and new member Don C. Geno Contine and Ricky T. helped on Saturday afternoon until closing.

Sunday I was solo but Ricky showed up early and stayed and help close down as did Dave. We actually had a “2nd Person” celebrity show up on Sunday. NASCAR Legend, Jeff Gordon’s dad, Billy, came by and hung out in the booth and helped sell tickets for about 2 hours. I named dropped a little and several people came by to meet Billy and buy a ticket. He posed for a few pictures with them as well.

Lastly I have to give “Raffle Ticket Salesman Legend” Gary B. a little ribbing. He never even came by to say hi? He was hanging out with all the big boys in the main pavilion and apparently had no time for the blue collar car guys in the back 40! Also, I didn’t know Dave G. has a band. They are Hank Biggs and the Hardtops. They played on Sunday but, due to booth duty, I did not get to hear them play. However, I did hear that women, young and old, were throwing panties on the stage during their set! Who knew that we had a Rock Star in our car club?

– Commentary by Randy K. • Photos by Randy K. and Dave G.

Contact Randy K. if you are interested in helping him tow the trailer to events or help sell tickets. 925-323-6000

Classic cars on display at Autorama

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