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It was a dark and stormy night….

Well, actually, it was late morning by the time we made Squaw Valley. The 1st ever “Hot August Nights” show and shine in June was scheduled to happen. Kind of a warm up for the real thing I guess. Jen, ”The Kid” as I call our Daughter, invited us up to see what was what and have lunch. While the turnout was small… because of the weather….50 degrees and blowing like snot as we used to say in our Bay sailing days …the cars were interesting.

How about a 1966 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud? A 1967 Mustang GT bought by newlyweds those many years ago and still owned today. A pristine 1970 MGB? And…when Jean says “That’s the best Shelby I’ve ever seen”, it had to be good. Jean is not a car person. Cars are simply convenient mobile storage devices. A black behemoth and beauty all at one time. Jean, Jen, two grandkids and I stood there admiring the effort. The best part was the owner’s teen age son had just come to appreciate the vintage and car and George the owner and his son were now working on a ’66 Mustang for him.

The second best part was they all got car show applications to “Cruisin the Pines”, and an impressive number knew of the show and the Roamin Angels. Keep your eyes open for that Shelby and Yellow GT in the Fall.

Some good additions and things happening show wise so far in the month of June.

GVPD has decided to bring the Carts and goggles to demonstrate what inebriated driving is all about. We used them at “Survive the Drive II” and to say the least, they were entertaining. I’ll figure out how to give away the two bikes somehow so we don’t disappoint .

Triple A ….That’s AAA Insurance…is looking into bringing their self driving van for demo rides. I’d bet that’s a first at a classic Car event. Think of the contrast of technologies between a Model A and a 21st century eventuality.

There’s a local company Called XP Camper. Bet you never heard of it. XP designs and produces camper shells…yes think old school…except these are new materials, technologies and designs. Look like something you’d see from NASA.

Met the Regional CAL Fire Chief at one of our first responder’s breakfasts last year. He and CAL Fire want to bring a fire safety display and a gnarly 4x4….hope for an early end to the fire season so they can. Nevada County Search and Rescue will be there with some cool ATVs.

Seen a School bus Hot Rod’ed with Flames? Check out Durham’s Yellow Bus.

Turns out that “National Electric Vehicle week” coincides with our hosting the alt energy vehicle demos at this year’s “Cruisin the Pines”. Some free promotion from the National organization is in the works.
Randy…” Mr. Boat”… has convinced about 20 of his closest friends to bring their “Hot Boats”. Their caveat? We want to fire up the engines! Uh…. no, I said. Cal OSHA prohibits decibel levels….I’m pulling your chain! Yes of Course…MAKE NOISE!

Some more good news…..

We have a great group of people managing “Cruisin the Pines”. Most have been involved now for at least a few years, some longer. Yes, there is some work, although this year we’ve been able to ease off some of the work load. Most of what we do boils down to having fun.

There is an entire community, numerous non profits, Veterans, Kids, and Car enthusiasts not to mention 150 or so members that benefit from the production of “Cruisin the Pines”. All of us need to step up, join in, participate, lead the efforts. Kriss Stillman has joined the fun as Gates Chairperson. Thanks Kriss for volunteering (and Nikki for selling Kriss on the job) kudos also to newbees Randy K. , and Colleen N. for joining in as well.

Below is the updated Directors list. Thanks to all of you.
Food Service – Jean H.
Big Raffle – Nikki G., Paula B., Jean H., Coleen N.
Artisans – Pat B., Diane B.
Art Show – Sue B.
Set Up/Tear Down – Gary A./Dave G.
Food Vendors – Shawn B.
Commercial Vendors – Dave G.
Gates – Kriss S.
Car Corral –Jim R.
Sponsorship – Wally K. – Gary B.
Poker Run – Jerry B.
Beer and Wine - Jim G.
Product Sales – Gin V.
Trash – Pam & Fred D.
Registration – John K.
Trophies – Gary B.
Publicity – Wally K.
Memorabilia – Anthony R.
Facilities – Claude H.
Applications Processing – Dee Ann B.
Security – John P., Bill B., Michael R.
Signage – Dan G.
49er 50/50 Raffle – Clare M.
Engine – Randy K.

Commentary by Mike H.


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