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Couple of Months ago I shared this with you. Good News!! It’s come to pass for the reasons stated….
One piece of good news I just received should help with the 2019 attendance numbers. The committee staging the Constitution Day parade and activities in Nevada City our same weekend is considering moving their date back by a week. Not set in stone yet but it’s on their agenda. (The parade is now September 14th!)

The why? What goes round, comes round is the basic answer. We’ve done some good things for some local Non-profits and those people (car Guys and Gals by the way) want to return the favor. Now if I can only get those Duck guys to head South sooner……”

The 20th Anniversary “Cruisin the Pines” will happen this September 6, 7, & 8th.

Which cars should appear as the “Poster Children” representing not only the Club but the 20th anniversary? Put your thinking caps on and drop me a line. Need to settle on the car(s) by late January.
Do you have any photos from that first show in 1999? If you’ll bring them in to my shop we’ll scan them to use in the show. Any stories to go along would also be welcome.

Out of last year’s meetings we’ll modify the Car Show app to accommodate the different vehicles we typically have making their registration process a little clearer. Some adjustments to costs like the BBQ will also occur. We’ll offer a few options for the cost of attending as well as create a bundle incentive pricing scheme.

From last year’s show Jim, Judy and Jeff are ready to grow the “Killer 4WD” display from the 14 or so vehicles from last year. The Classic Motorcycle collectors are anxious to provide a larger display as well. The vintage trailers have proved popular now for a few years and we’ll focus on making the 20th a must attend event for our Classic Trailer Buds. Boats? I hope so. Stay tuned & help out if you can.


Still have some Directorships open and waiting on you to volunteer. See the list at the conclusion of the article.

The Fairgrounds has just promoted the assistant manager to the top position. There are a number of non-profits like us who do make the Fairgrounds a profitable exercise and all of us need to smooth out the bumps. Hopefully an early January meeting can be arranged.

Switching hats….

Things are moving along with “Survive the Drive III” planning. Save two dates. Big “A” would like to raise some funds April 10th to support our teen driving program. Most importantly, April 27th is the driving event and training. There is a possibility we take a few selected kids to…”Thunder Hill”, Roseville or even an outside shot at the CHP academy for some advanced hands on. A lot of “T’s” need to be crossed but never say never. Stay tuned.

One more hat…..

We’ve typically hosted all the first responders with the exception of CAL Fire before the end of the year. The Sheriffs’ Department was postponed till January 11th and CAL fire is typically on hold till January 4th to give them a good chance of actually being able to make breakfast. As I stated in a recent email, I hope Officer Kennedy, CAL Fire bulldozer operator, can make the 4th. Joe-“I’m no hero” was in saving a group of Nurses and Butte Sheriffs in the Camp fire. Hope we can say thanks in person!

Directorship Needs:
Friday Night Dinner – ?
Big Raffle – Nikki G., Paula B., Jean H., Coleen N.
Artisans – Pat B., Diane .
Art Show – Sue B.
Set Up/Tear Down – Dave G.
Food Vendors – Shawn B.
Commercial Vendors – Dave G.
Gates – Kriss S.
Car Corral –Jim R.
Sponsorship – Wally K. – Gary B.
Poker Run – ?
Beer and Wine - Jim G.
Product Sales – Gin V.
Trash – Pam & Fred D.
Registration – John K.
Trophies – ?
Publicity – Wally K.
Memorabilia – Anthony R.
Facilities – Gary D.
Applications Processing – Dee Ann B.
Security – John P., Bill B.
Signage – Dan G.
49er 50/50 Raffle – Clare M.
Engine – ?

- Commentary by Mike H.

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