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First Responders Breakfast photos

Meeting the First Responders

Who would think that you…. in your little Foothills community…Trees and Forest abounding…would have a fire season that we all survived. Yes, we lost some structures, yes, unfortunately a couple of lives…. but over all?
We could have lost everything like in NAPA, Sonoma, Ventura or Santa Barbara. Still counting at almost half a million acres and many, many thousands of homes and structures burnt . Our fellow Blueprinters in NAPA & Sonoma have LINES of people from sun up till sundown trying to get the rebuilding process underway and their lives back together. What a nightmare!

Thank your lucky stars. Thank your first responders!
How many stories did we all hear about GVPD, Consolidated Fire, CHP and many others going door to door in Wildwood getting people out? Opening garage doors? Saving lives, pets and property?
So these pictures are simply about saying thanks. Several photos taken before they headed off to Southern California.

Thank you to all the area’s First Responders. The Roamin Angels are happy to support you.

PS….If you are on Facebook go ahead and “Like” any or all of their pages. You’ll get some interesting stories and insight to their community involvement.

Cal Fire First Responders Breakfast • Friday, Dec. 1, 2017
GVPD First Responders Breakfast • Friday, Dec. 8, 2017
NCCF First Responders Breakfast • Friday, Dec. 15, 2017

– Commentary by Mike H. & Photos by Edie & Bud H.

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