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It is a widely accepted fact that CHANGE is inevitable and the Roamin Angels Car Club is not exempt from this concept. Since the Club incorporated back in 1997 it has adapted to a series of changes both in size and composition of the membership and in many other ways. Some of these changes were subtle and mostly transparent to the membership while others were highly visible and may have been actions that required a vote of the membership.

At the January Board of Directors meeting a couple of operational changes were discussed. One change was approved that falls into the highly visible category, while the other issue is in a pending status. I want to advise the members about this change and why it was necessary.

As no member currently volunteered to run for the Board to take on the duties of the Event Director (Mike Hauser's position), the Board has reassigned these tasks as follows. Mike H. has agreed to continue the duties of updating and producing the monthly calendar for the Club Newsletter. I will take on the duties of Event Coordinator. For now, I will be the focal point for getting events onto the Club Calendar. If there is an activity or event that you are coordinating or that you want on the Calendar, please either call me or email with the details. I will announce events at Friday Breakfast and George M. will do the same for the Wednesday Pizza Nights. As usual, I will have car show and swap meet flyers available at Breakfast and will get them to George for Pizza Nights.

The Board is still hopeful that a member will step up and take on this job either as a member of the Board or as the Events Chairperson that does not have to be a member of the Board. The Board will dedicate a portion of every Board meeting this year to focus on Events/Activities and will take a more pro-active role in the event planning process as needed.

With the above in mind, the Board approved an Events Survey that will be handed out at the upcoming Annual Meeting. There are 50 past events that are listed for you to select those that you want the same or similar event planned for 2014 and there will be space for you to write in your ideas or suggestions. After the results of this survey are tallied, the Board will call for and schedule a Special Membership Meeting (Events Planning Session) to review these results and get direct feedback from the Membership to complete the 2014 Events Calendar.

In addition, the Board has included special sections on the Survey dedicated to the 2014 Club Christmas Party and the Monthly Membership Meetings. This is your opportunity to advise the Board as to what changes, if any, you would like for this year's party and how often you feel the Board should conduct General Membership Meetings.

Questions or comments regarding this change and/or the survey may be addressed to either me or to any Board Member.
Cruise Safe, Terry E., President


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