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I pass by a house in Alta Sierra at least twice per day. Over the years the garage door has been intermittently open to reveal….a pair of Red Ford Falcons. Each is a 1960. One is a Falcon Futura the other a Ranchero, the pick up version.

For whatever reason I've never been able to stop when the door was open or people were around….until a weekend or so ago after a Saturday Coffee and donut gathering.

I pissed off a couple of people behind me by stopping to speak to two ladies standing out front. Glad I did.

The two cars had been rebuilt by the two ladies (now looking to be in their mid 70's) a few years back. They scavenged the parts from junk yards and parts houses. "Do you still drive them?" Turned out to be a dumb question. They take both out once per week to exercise them and make sure everything still works. In fact not a week later I saw the Ranchero heading out.

Sharon said they used to take them to car shows until they felt the cars "weren't as good" as the other cars entered. So, I'm going to do everything I can to get the ladies to bring the Falcons to this years show.

It's such a great story about the cars and for a couple of ladies messing about with a hobby they love.

I've been working with the Roadents on a plan to make a "Cruise Night" in Grass Valley happen. We'll open it up to people and cars of all types. Nothings final yet but the components will be Cruising locally to show off the bombs, winding up somewhere to BBQ and a little show and shine while the cars are parked. The morning breakfast group has been quizzed about preferences but they're mostly on the verge of napping after eating so no one is very responsive. I'm thinking Tuesdays starting in the Spring. What do you say?

Also on tap….be still my heart….The Buzzards are contemplating a 2014 garage tour. Hide the women, keep an eye out for the PD and don't let the cat out without supervision. Stay tuned for details. Cruisin and Eating will be in the mix.

First car show meeting will be February 18th , 6pm at the Salvation Army. Still looking for a Director of Food service to fill the Varni's spot. Could be you. Come on by.

In one sense it's too bad the weather has been so good. Need the rain. The good news is the Saturday Coffee and Donuts continues to flourish. It's grown to about 50+ cars generally. All on the low down. Come when you want. Leave when you need to. Drive what you think is cool. Bring a chair and join the circle of B.S.

See you.
"The Organizer" aka Mike H.


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