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Car Show & Beyond

Commentary by Mike H.

We had our first 2019 Car Show “Think Tank” meeting this past month. Thanks to all the brain power and imagination that surfaced we made some pretty good strides. The idea is to address the content and schedule of “Cruisin the Pines” and see if we can’t keep the flavor the same while reducing the work load.
Next meeting will be held in January and I suspect we’ll have at least a third meeting before we come to conclusions to share with everyone and begin to refine ideas. While some changes may filter down for 2018, remember, we’re talking the 2019 show.

So 2018 “Crusin the Pines”….the 19th version….is in the planning stages. Randy K. has stepped up and volunteered to manage the engine this year. That’s one critical load and Car Show marketing component we can cross off the list.

Here are some Jobs that need to be filled for 2018:
Commercial Vendors – process the applications for vendors (including non profits) that want to display on the grounds during our show. Examples would be tool sales, engine accessories, Clothing sales. Determine and assign best location for all commercial vendors.

Food Vendors – process applications for food vendors that want to serve food on the car show grounds. Make sure they know and obey County regs. and fire safety rules.

Gates assistant/trainee – Insure the two ticket sales booths are staffed during the open show period. Staff sells entry tickets over show period. Manager monitors sales and insures proceeds move safely to Club Treasurer.

December is the time we all look back and think about the year that just passed. A very sincere thanks to all the volunteers from this half of the car show guys duo. For as much work as “Cruisin the Pines” is, the reward of a successful event is still awesome. Think about the 3000 – 4000 people who leave the Fairgrounds amazed at what they saw, stimulated by who they met, and knowing more about what these Roamin Angels are about and the community we represent.

The Facilitator offers thanks to all the breakfast peeps who get up early, go on the tours, and all the while maintain friendship amongst old and new buddies equally. Breakfast is a long tradition in this Club but traditions take work. Think about all the members you met or grew close to simply because you shared a moment first thing on a Friday morning.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make “Survive the Drive” a reality. Instead of waiting for something to happen to another kid, you joined in and did something. Can you think of anything you did last year that was as rewarding as intervening positively in a family’s life. How sweet that a parent may avoid that phone call from the CHP? That a kid could improve their chances behind a wheel because you stepped up?

Thank You.

Lastly, I’d like to offer thanks to Terry and Kathy for their long service to the Club and community. Terry and Kathy would be included in any of the above mentions because they pitched in at every event. Breakfasts, Car Shows, BBQ’s, Meetings, Raffles, Pizza gatherings….the list goes on and on. Six years as Mr. and Mrs. President, years & years more as active members of the Roamin Angels. Thanks Boss.


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