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August 2011

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Mels Diner Car Show Winners
At the first Mel's Diner Car Show, there were over 100 cars. The Roamin Angel winners are: 1) Ron C.; 2) Terri J. won 2; 3) Dale L.; 4) Don D..and 5) Lynn P. Congrats to all the winners!

To Web or Not To Web - That was the Question: At a Friday Breakfast meeting, Mike H. did an impromptu poll about our club website since there was a large member turnout and he was curious. This is completely non-scientific, obviously, as it was a show of hands response.

Out of approximately 75 people, about 65 stated they routinely used the internet. Of those 65, approximately 10 stated that they have not been to the RA site. That means that roughly 20% of the members in the room didn't use our site.

What does that mean? Not sure but it does show a snapshot of the usage of the club's website by its members.

August Events Highlighted by Mr. Cruise
It never ceases to amaze me…..

No matter how many times we put our cars on display there are a bunch of people oohhhing and awe'in over them. I watched them at the airshow walking by the Corsairs and Mustangs only to have them standing by the Cobra, the Buzzards flathead or for instance the Rat Rod wanting a picture. Kids smiling…adults talking about the one they had just like the…….

Thanks to the thirty or so cars that turned out for the airshow. Oh, and now we know how annoying an Allison V12 sounds up close and personal. Imagine sitting in a P51 for hours on end to and from a run to Germany……

August looks like a mellow month as we roll in to car show time. Two Pizza nights with George, A Mel's with Mike C, an Alta Sierra Grill show and shine and fun and games at the Salvation Army potluck.

August 31st is the sign up deadline for the Mid September Ukiah car show. Talk with hosts Chuck & Doreen if you've got questions. If you're not making the trip then…….

September 17th and 18th Steve "The Don" De Sena and his merry band of Italianos celebrate their heritage at Penn Valley Gateway Park. You'll no doubt be hungry after working the car show. One of my best friends is Mark Colombo. Grandma Colombo used to make us sit down and eat a good helping of Gnocci finished off by a plate of Cannoli. UMmmmm . You'll have fun.

For an early October heads up, pencil in Saturday, October 1st…. The " Governors' Own" 41 member strong 59th Army Band will appear at our local Veteran's Hall. Big Band, Swing, Patriotic, Jazz…you'll love it. Entry is free, they'll have a $10 spaghetti feed and no host bar. Spies tell me that "fast" Bill cuts quite the rug and no doubt will make an appearance.

Like the Italian Fest these are not Roamin Angels "events" but our own Claude & Steve are in charge. Who knows, they may both want a few cars for flavor. Talk with Claude or Steve. Remember…"What goes round…." OK you got it.

We've postponed the Big "A" trip in August and will reschedule for later in the Fall. I've got a great idea for an evening that turns dark early. Check the calendar for updates.

You have, for the 8th month now…no excuses.
Mr. Cruise

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


President TerryPresident's message
As they say, time flies when you're having fun and here we are half way through the summer already. But, that means that we still have half of the summer left to have fun with our friends and our cars.

We are just a few days away from the annual Hot August Nights Festival in Reno and its only 40 or so days until the 12th Annual Cruisin' the Pines Car Show. The Tag Along Group has safely returned from their cruise up the Oregon coast and the Good Guys Car Show in Puyallup. The Alaska Cruise Group will be getting together at the Garber's for a Bon Voyage Party on the 20th and the Mystery Tour Committee is working on that annual pilgrimage in October. And, the last weekend of July will include the California Auto Museum Cruise and the infamous Midnight Mass.

From a Beach Boys Concert to a long cruise to Washington; from hamburgers and shakes in Auburn to the same in Grass Valley; from touring garages to finding clues along the way on a mystery tour; from 4th of July parades to a high school spaghetti feed; from San Diego to British Columbia and from the Pacific to the Rocky Mountains; from the warmth and charm of Old Mexico and soon the majestic beauty of Alaska; the Roamin Angels live up to our name – WE'RE THE ANGELS, THE ROAMIN ANGELS, AND WE LOVE TO ROAM AROUND, AND AROUND AND AROUND.

Events are an important piece of what makes the Roamin Angels the special Club that we are. However, it's only one piece of this very complex puzzle. Friendships, some old and some new; a love of an important part of American 20th century history, the automobile; the quest to rebuild, restore, modify, more power, more speed, more shine; to work together on putting on the best car show in Northern California; to help kids get an education; to promote and protect our hobby; and to assist those that help the needy in our community - these are some of the pieces that make up the Roamin Angels. But the glue that holds these pieces together is the simple fact that the Roamin Angels love to do things together and be together no matter whatever the purpose or destination may be.

As we cruise our way through August please keep our upcoming Car Show in mind. If you haven't signed up to help, please get in contact with Thane or Duke who can direct you to one of their sub-committee chairperson's. Car Show posters have been printed and help will be needed to distribute them all over Nevada County and beyond. There is much to do and a short time left to get everything ready, so please help out whenever and however you can.

The Board is still looking for a replacement for Lynne Fenchel's position. Please call either myself or Ron Cherry if you're interested. Enough Said - Cruise Safe - Have a Great August.



Board Highlights
June 27, 2011 • 6pm • Salvation Army Hall, Grass Valley

Called to Order at 6:00
Board Members Present: Sheila A,, Terry E., Mike H., Edie H.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes of last meeting (Edie H./Mark L.). Motion passed.

No agenda.

Treasurer s Report: Motion to Approve (Edie H./Rose L.). Motion passed.

Board Member Reports
Edie H. advised Cliff S. Has a broken leg and in Golden Empire Hospital. Kathy E. is home from the Hospital, with a torn Ham-String.

Mike H. aka Mr. Cruise events- Big A for August is canceled. Thursday Night Market in Grass Valley has lots of spaces open. Car Show meeting at Ted Chedwick's on August 16.

Terry E. advised that the Car Show has someone to do the Poker Run, Craig C. They are looking for someone to help Chuck F. to do the Car Show Dinner. Mark L. said he would do it.

Still don t have anyone to do the Salvation Army Thanksgiving and Christmas sign-ups.

Progressive Dinner will be in August or October, still working on a date.

George M. said Irene Shaw has her house up for sale.

Mark L. wanted to know about the Scholarship program. Advised there was one winner. After the car show, Norm D. and his committee will be going over all the rules and regulation to make it clear to all.

Rose L. wanted to know if there was a way to do the Awards at the Car Show on Saturday or less Awards so it didn't take so long. She was advised that the Car Show committee takes all those questions not
the board.

George M. made a motion to adjourn. 6:30


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