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Dick T’s team …The “Lick ‘Em, Stick ‘Em Girls”….his name…not mine...I’m innocent… will go to work this next month getting our direct mailing out to non-member past show entrants. That means stuffing roughly 1800 applications into envelopes and putting them in the mail. Want to help? Call Pat G. and she’ll fill you in on the when and where, not to mention the “L.E.S.E.” gossip topics. Every helper gets a free “Dick T. Lick’Em Stick 'Em Girl” T shirt compliments of “Cruisin the Pines”. Perfect for weeding the garden or mucking the stalls.

We’re on our way with the first 2018 Car Show meeting under the belt.

As a result of the meeting, the local Model “A” Club has been officially invited, several thousand motorcycle enthusiasts will know about the show, the Alternate Energy vehicles will be back displaying… but… also bringing with them several brands to actually test drive, Sierra Bike will be displaying some really tricky electric bikes and we’re working on the 4WD’ers. Thank you Thom and Kevin for being our guests at the meeting. Good people … very interested in the success of the show, our community of people and community of Classic vehicle lovers.

Gary B.and Jean H. have met with Raleys and we are planning on turning Friday dinner production over to them. We will have a fixed cost per diner, be able to use Bear River’s great helpers and take a load off our volunteers. Jean is assuming the fall back position…just in case.

I’ve had some preliminary discussions with the new and established local brewery owners. We’ll put our heads together and see if there is a mutual way to promote and help each other. The working theme is “Hops and Hotrods”. Sounds good. Let’s see if we can create something for the show.
Right now what’s not happening is a Saturday Breakfast and a Sunday Poker Run.

Saturday breakfast has been a question of quality the last couple of years. We want our name on something good, not a happening that the best said was it was “OK”. Last year was stop gap but unfortunately not a solution. I approached the Boy Scouts who took a realistic look but declined…. A volunteer issue. If you have…particularly a non- profit…who has breakfast experience and would like the job and income, have them call me.

We have need for a couple of Directors again this year, Poker run being one of them. Ron and Sue (Carmichael) are in a tricky position of being involved right up until the show…which they can’t attend. I’m sure Michael Roberts would fill in for Ron but he can use an Assistant Manager that weekend. Anthony (Rabak) can also use some help in Memory Lane.

Below is a list of the current directors for your reference. The good….no make that kick-butt-great…news is that Nikki (Granholm), Jean (Hauser)and Paula (Ballard) are teaming up to do the Big Raffle once again. Is it work? Yeah. Is it fun though? You bet! The team will be looking for helpers to shop, solicit and spend $1,200 on good stuff to raffle. Give them a call.

Car Show Directors:
Food Service – Jean H.
Big Raffle – Nikki G., Paula B., Jean H.
Artisans – Pat B., Diane B.
Art Show – Sue B.
Food Vendors – Shawn B.
Commercial Vendors – Dave G.
Gates – Sheila A.
Car Corral –Jim R.
Sponsorship – Wally K. – Gary B.
Poker Run - Suspended
Beer and Wine - Jim G.
Product Sales – Gin V.
Trash – Pam & Fred .
Registration – John K.
Trophies – Gary B.
Publicity – Wally K.
Memorabilia – Anthony R.
Facilities – Claude H.
Applications Processing – Dee Ann B.
Security – Ron C./Michael R.
Signage – Dan G.
49er 50/50 Raffle – Clare M.
Engine – Randy K.


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