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Gary Apple's Shop photos

Gary Apple's Shop Tour

So imagine this…A French Company called “Delahaye” builds a one of a kind Woody in the late 1940’s. Check the photos out. It looks like it should be in a WWII movie. Maybe it was the car the Germans arrive in at the Casablanca airport? (Have to check that out). The car disappears later rumored to be owned by some French Millionaire or maybe an Arab Crown Prince. No one has seen it in many…many years. There are even but very few pictures of the car.

DelahayeJump forward 80 years to Mr. Apple’s garage in Little Nevada County. Hanging on the wall are those photos. In front of the photos is the re-birth of the Delahaye Woody. Those pictures are THE ONLY documents of reference available. Not engineering drawings. Not Blueprints. No sketches. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing. Yet there is a car being built which looks amazingly like the original…although far from done.

You shouldn’t miss out on these after breakfast adventures is the lesson. The long and short of it is.. Gary reverse engineered the vehicle from those photos. Scan, digitize, create plans, feed the files to the equipment, mix in some skills and talent, build.

Lucky you though.

If all goes according to plan you can see the finished product…possibly the only Delahaye woody on the planet… at “Cruisin’ the Pines” in September. Right now you can see some YouTube video on our Facebook & WEB site.

Thank you Gary for sharing with us and thank you for entertaining the Bitney Springs Kids. You just never know what turns a kid on to life.

– Commentary by Mike H. & Photos by Edie & Bud H.


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